The Real Doom (based on Dr Doom in the Fantastic Four series) is a character in Maximilian Dood's Assist Me! series.


Doom carrying Ammy while confronting Vergil.


Entrance: Chases Max away. "Get outta here Max."

Entrance2: Folds arms. "Doom needs more yogurt."


Finger Lazorz-

Fires weak lasers in all directions.

Up BEdit

Sphere Flame-

Fires a flame upwards, and whoever is hit will be trapped in the air for 5 seconds. If it dosen't hit anyone, then it will burst and make spread out smaller shots.

Down BEdit

Rocks To The End-

Surrounds Doom with floating rocks, which acts like a damaging shield. Press B to fire the rocks forward. If you do that, the move has a 30 second cooldown timer.

Side BEdit

Foot Dive-

Jumps then slowly does a foot dive forward.

Final SmashEdit

Human Blender-

Similiar to Kirby's Cook Kirby, Doom places his "Human blender" in front of him, then everything within a radius is transported into the blender and Doom sits on a chair and watches them. Then he will slam his chair and everything in the blender flies upward.


Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Dr

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Dr. Doom