"Don't worry. I'll make sure your cell has a nice view of Earth."


Superman, his real name being Kal-El, is a DC Comics superhero.


Special AttacksEdit

B-Soaring Heights

Superman throws an opponent up high into the sky.

Side B- Heat Vision

Superman shoots an opponent with his heat vision.

Up B - Up, up, and away

Superman soars up into the sky, then slams the ground, moderately damaging adjacent opponents.

Down B- Frost Breath

Temporarily freezes a hit opponent.

Final Smash- Freeze Smash

Superman blows an Ice Breath on his opponent, freezing them completely. He then grabs them and flies up into the air. Moments later, the opponent is thrown to the ground, where the ice shatters.


Does a heroic pose


  • Pumps his fist upwards
  • Salutes then flys away
  • Fires a beam from his eyes towards the sky/ceiling.