This is a new game in the Super Smash Bros. Series.


This game is available for the 3DS only.

Game ModesEdit

Rampage- Like Basic Brawl, this is the normal fighting mode.

Team Rampage- Teams of two fight.

Arcade- Fight 8 1v1 Rampage battles with CPU opponents, and the 9th will be Master Hand.

Story- Super Smash Bros. Rampage Story

Master Hand Mode- Same as Arcade but the player plays as Master Hand. Requires beating Arcade at least once.

Boss Rampage- Unlocked after completing Story mode. Unlike Brawl, the bosses actually follow the standards of a normal fighter. (Limited number of special moves, a final smash and having to be thrown out of the stage to be killed.) With an exception of Master Hand and Ganon-Bot.




All bosses excluding Ganon-Bot are unlockable and playable by defeating them in Boss Rampage.

Easter Eggs and stuffzEdit

  • When bought a DLC pack after winning 3 games as Wesker (doesn't need to be in a row), you will receive an extra free DLC. It contains a swap of Wesker's voice, replacing his voice into MrNightmist's voice.
    • Notable changes include: From Rggh! to Up high! And from What a waste of life... to Yooohoooo!