Sentinels are built to destroy mutants in the world. The builder may also have thought of eliminating humans as well.



Sentinel Force-

Sends out Sentinel Drones to attack. Sentinel Drones explode in one hit. The Drones do basic, simple attacks.

Side BEdit

Hard Drive-

Charges forward. If successfully hits an opponent, Sentinel gets to fly for 20 seconds. The flight cannot be cancelled.

Up BEdit

Sentinel Bombs-

Sends out a Sentinel Drone to drop bombs on the stage. Also explodes in one hit.

Down BEdit

Hidden Rocket-

Fires a diagonal explosive cruise missle. Explosions occur randomly on the stage when successfully damaged an opponent.

Final SmashEdit

Hyper Sentinel Force-

Many quick moving sentinel drones appear and attack opponents. They explode in 5 hits.




Grabs the unconscious opponent and flies into the air.

Vs Any non-human except for Firebrand and Nemesis T-typeEdit

All threats to humanity have been terminated.

Vs Nemesis T-typeEdit

Is Tyrant-Type creature a mutant? Analyzing...

Vs FirebrandEdit

Demonic entity terminated.

Vs WeskerEdit

Target is not a natural mutant. All enhancements were the result of cellular manipulation.

Vs Vergil or DanteEdit

Sparda DNA discovered in target's data analysis...

Vs M.O.D.O.KEdit

Mutant with giant head... Terminated.

Vs RandomfrogEdit

Unable to complete termination. Returning to base with unconscious target.

Vs Deadpool (MrNightmist)Edit

4th wall breaking process. Halted.


Puts down its arms.

"Damage is negligible".

"Unable to complete mission."

"Requesting mission update". (Time over)


Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Sentinel-0

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Sentinel-0