This is a list of questionings done in Wright's final smash.

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against DogEdit

Phoenix: This is a chart of what controllers broke most during NES games...

Dog: *barks*

Phoenix:... and they broke the most when players were playing Duck Hunt!

Dog: *dosen't care*

against SteveEdit

Pheonix: Your nametag was seen in that house...


Pheonix: Which was griefed shortly after! YOU were the one to grief it!


against NikkiEdit

Phoenix: There's been pictures that make players uncomfortable...


Phoenix: ...AND you are the one sending them!

Nikki: *shocked*

against TaskmasterEdit

Phoenix: Those moves you used against us are awfully famililiar.

Taskmaster: Meh...

Phoenix: You are guilty for...

Taskmaster: *sweats*


Taskmaster: That is a crime?!

against Phoenix WrightEdit

Phoenix: You have been impersonating me at the previous trial!

Phoenix (target): Wha!?

Judge: What's the meaning of this?

Phoenix: That's simple, your honor. That attorney's badge... Is a fake!

Phoenix (target): O-Objection!!!

Against DanteEdit

Dante: So what's the problem?

Phoenix: This court has seen you firing guns!


Phoenix: And you made everything STYLISH!

Dante: Nooooooooo!

Against Frank WestEdit

Phoenix: There is nothing wrong with killing zombies... But...

Frank: *snaps a photo of Phoenix* One more, smile!

Phoenix: But you killed many mentally insane people! That's murder!

Frank: Aargh! *keeps spinning around and randomly snaps photos*

Phoenix: And cameras are strictly forbidden in court!

Frank: No way!

against ChrisEdit

Phoenix: So the Resident Evil games, are widely popular...

Chris: And what's this Resident Evil thing...?

Phoenix: Except Resident Evil 6. Bring back the old Resident Evil! Now!

Chris: But there's nothing I can do!!! :'(

against RandomfrogEdit

Phoenix: There's something wrong, Frog.

Frog:.... and what is that?

Phoenix: You insult mentally retarded people! You constantly use material that involves stupidity!

Frog: ...... And how is this a crime, Mister Wright?

Phoenix: Er.....

against OctodadEdit

Phoenix: You claim to be a human, mister Octodad.

Octodad: *blurbs of agreement*

Phoenix: But you have been seen doing many Octopus-like things, such as creating ink, or never drowning.

Octodad: *blurbs of nervousness*

Phoenix: You're secretly an octopus!


against VergilEdit

Phoenix: You are still hungry for power?

Vergil: Without power, you can't protect anything.

Phoenix: That does not explain you betraying your own family!

Vergil: ...

Phoenix: Sparda is disappointed in you!

Vergil: Argh... *sweats*

against PewDiePieEdit

Phoenix: You have been seen throwing Timothy off bikes and into cliffs...

Pewds: So?

Phoenix: That's muder!

Pewds: But he's an annoying *****!

Phoenix: Can't argue with that.

against PBGEdit

Phoenix: You have been stealing stuff, hacking computers, smashing trucks and beating kids. What caused you to do these crimes?

PBG: Beeecause I could.

Phoenix: Oh.

against ILikeTrains Kid

Phoenix: You have killed thousands of people with your opinion on trains. You must stop this.

TrainsKid: I Liek Trains.

Phoenix: Oh, christ.

against EeveeEdit

Phoenix: You seem to have many different forms.

Eevee: Eevee.

Phoenix: So you are charged with identity theft!

Eevee: Eeveee!

against ChellEdit

Phoenix: No weapons in court.

Chell: *drops portal gun*

against GoombaEdit

Phoenix: You've been murdering Mario since the day you've met!


Phoenix: Aresst him.

Goomba: ):