Peahooter is the main plant of Plants Vs Zombies.

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Sun is currency in Peashooters moveset. It will fall from the sky or can be made quicker with his B move. Everytime you collect a sun you get 25 currency. You need sun to do B moves, besides the main one and the final smash.


Entrance: Planted: Peashooter sprouts out of the ground.

B: Sunflower: Peashooter places a sunflower on the ground. Over time, Sunflower will create sun for you. It dosen't cost any sun to use this move, but, if you want to upgrade it to a Twin Sunflower, you can for 175 sun. When you upgrade, all sunflowers on stage will become Twin Sunflowers, thus creating twice as many sun.

Side B: Pea Spit: Peaashooter will spit a pea foward. Costs 25 sun to use.

Up B: Kernel Pult: Kernel Pult appears and throws Peasooter up into the air. Takes 75 to use. When used, if it falls on the ground, and if other players walk into it, they are thrown up into the air.

Down B: Cherry Bomb: Peashooter puts a Cherry Bomb on the ground and it explodes. Takes 50 to use. Can damage Peashooter as well.

Final Smash: Cob Cannon: Peashooter creates a cob cannon and has 10 seconds to choose who it should shoot. If it dosen't choose, it just picks a random opponent. Bystanders also can get hurt.


Option One: Is seen next to sunflower.

Option Two: Is danicing next to a spinning Imitater.

Option Three: Crazy Dave picks Peashooter up and carries him away.

Lose: Is eaten by zombies.

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