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Welcome! The Super Smash Bros. Character Creator wiki is for expressing your original ideas for the Super Smash Bros. series!

Disclaimer: This is a fanon wiki. None of the characters, stages, and so on actually exist in the Super Smash Bros. series.

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Rule What is it?
No spamming. Adding random and pointless pages, comments, etc. to the wiki.
No swearing. Using foul language.
No trolling. Being annoying by adding irritating messages
No vandalism. Editing somebody else's works without permission.
No flaming/bashing. Insulting somebody else's opinions or beliefs.

Staff Members


Bureaucrat is the highest level of staff. Bureaucrats can do everything that sysops can do, including promoting other syops and bureaucrats. Their color is burnt orange.


Administrators can protect pages, block users, promote chat moderators, and instantly revert edits. Their color is gold.

Chat Moderators

Chat moderators are special staff members who look over the chat. Their role is kicking and banning other users from the chat. Their color is navy blue.

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