HAXXOR is an "original" (well, not entirely) character by MrNightmist.

Special MovesEdit


Glitch Codes-

Shoots a non-damaging glitchy projectile. The hit opponent has his/her/its B attack negated for a while. If refelceted back at HAXXOR he'll won't be able to do this for awhile.

Up BEdit

Gravity Hax-

For 15 seconds, HAXXOR can fly around and fire Hadoukens. His flight can be canceled if you attack him.

Down BEdit

Infinite Petrol Hax-

Glitches and teleports randomly, and pours slippery diesel on the ground.

Side BEdit

Speed Hax-

Rams forward. If he dosen't hit anyone, HAXXOR trips.

Final SmashEdit

Epic Glitchy Griefing-

HAXXOR glitches out, transforms rapidly to 5 random different fighters, all performing their B move. Then HAXXOR appears with a diamond sword from Minecraft, shouting "CREATIF MOD ROXX!" and slashes it around, then setting fire to a random opponent. "IT'S GRIEFING TIME!"