Ganon-Bot is the final boss of Story Mode. It's a giant head of Ganondorf, and it shoots out Ganon Missles. This bot is controlled by Wesker. It has three forms, and it is the only unplayable boss character in Super Smash Bros. Rampage.

He may be known as Ganon-Bot but only the first form is based on Ganondorf.


Form 1Edit

Form 1 is a giant levitating robotic head of Ganondorf. It has Super Armor, and is very defensive.

Ganon-Bot in the first form only has two attacks.

He either spits out explosive missles or rams into the player.

Form 2Edit

Form 1 explodes... But the broken pieces join back together again to form a giant mech.

He shoots beams, fire explosive missiles, does a hammer punch that snaps back hit fighters.

At 75% health or lower, he can start to fire multiple beams, jump up and stomp on the fighters, summon and activate Assist Trophies.

At 50% health or lower, he can use The Real Doom's Rocks to the end attack, but there is no cooldown when this move is initiated. He also can summon Wesker, M.O.D.O.K and Frank West for 10 seconds.

Form 3Edit

The mech flies away, and then a cyborg Wesker, with his right hand replaced with a sword.

This is Ganon-Bot's weakest form.

He usually charges in front with his sword and occasionally fires his gun. The gun projectile is unblockable.

At 50% health! he can perform the Final Smash of Wesker, Spider-Man, M.O.D.O.K and Strider Hiryu.

After that, at 10% health, he speeds up, gets a 2x strength boost, and can teleport around. He also gains the ability to use Taskmaster's Final Smash.