Frank West is a main character from Capcom's Dead Rising series.

Frank West makes use of sending zombies and stunning opponents, in a rather defensive play style.

Special MovesEdit



Throws a zombie at an opponent, the zombie will bite the opponent, leaving time for Frank West to use Snapshot or pick up traps. When bitten, players are slower and have less jump height. Lasts for ten seconds.

Down BEdit


Takes a photograph, shooting a fast, non-damaging projectile. If it hits, Frank levels up. The higher the level, the more powerful his attacks are, his speed and his health regeneration. If the projectile is reflected and hits Frank, it'll level up whoever reflected it.

Maximum level is 5

Up BEdit

Clearing the Mess-

Picks up a trap, and uses it for himself. Similar to Randomfrog's edit, but you have to be next to a trap. You can even pick up Chell's Portals!

This move cannot pick up traps made from Final Smashes.

Side BEdit

Blue Light Special-

Frank grabs a shopping cart with four chainsaws taped to it, and then charges forward with the cart. The cart is based on Steven Chapman's cart from Dead Rising, with a few differences (i.e. chainsaws instead of cleavers). Flings hit opponents to the air. If attacked from behind with the cart, Frank will trip.

Final SmashEdit

Requires photography level 3 or above.

Frank charges forward with a bat. When this connects, he attacks the hit opponent with a flurry of attacks of chainsaws. Then, the opponent is hit hard with a hammer. It has optional invinciblity to most projectiles.

"Time to go to town! Die, die DIE!! Goodbye! DEAD MEAT!"


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Frank West

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Frank West


  • Great!
  • Tastes great!
  • Smile!


  • Runs from zombies
  • Constantly snaps pictures
  • (Against Spider-Man) Looks away, then waves. "Okay, I gotta go, Spidey"
  • A zombie comes and wrestles down Frank.
  • Frank sighs and wipes his eyes.
  • (Time Over) Scratches his head with a stick. "Battery's over?"


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