Chuck Greene is the protagonist of Dead Rising 2 and a boss in Dead Rising 2 OTR.


Entrance- Rides in with his motorbike.


Chuck picks up a random weapon to add in his inventory.

L and R switches the items in his inventory.

Inventory itemsEdit

Chuck can hold 8 items.

  • Chainsaw-deals heavy damage
  • Baseball Bat-deals damage
  • Fire Axe-deals damage
  • Sledgehammer-deals damage and 10% chance to cause a footstool animation
  • Servbot Mask-Stuns
  • Bowie Knife-deals damage
  • Machete-deals damage
  • Battery-deals weak damage
  • Rake-deals damage
  • Assault Rifle-deals ranged damage
  • Toy Spitball Gun-attacks ranged, but deals no damage
  • Broadsword-deals heavy damage
  • Paddle-deals weak damage
  • Tiki Torch-deals damage with 20% chance to cause afterburn damage
  • 2x4-deals damage

These items can be picked up but can't be stored.

  • Lawnmower-can be pushed around
  • Wheelchair-can be pushed around
  • Robot Bear-deals heavy damage
  • Leaf Blower-blows away enemies

Side BEdit


Chuck spawns a usable motorbike.

Up BEdit

Drop kick-

Chuck jumps and performs a dropkick, which deals damage to enemies around him and pushes back those in front of him.

Down BEdit


Chuck bends down, takes duct tape from his pocket and crafts two selected items.


  • Chainsaw+Paddle=Paddlesaw
  • Chainsaw+Motorbike=Slicycle
  • Fire Axe+Sledgehammer=Defiler
  • Servbot Mask+Lawnmower=Super Slicer
  • Battery+Sledgehammer=Electric Crusher
  • Battery+Rake=Electric Rake
  • Assault Rifle+Robot Bear=Turret
  • Toy Spitball Gun+Tiki Torch=Fire Spitter
  • Battery+Wheelchair=Electric Chair
  • Electric Chair+Assault Rifle=Blitzkrieg
  • Lawnmower+2x4=Porta-mower
  • Motorbike+Assault Rifle=Riflebike
  • Motorbike+Wheelchair=ExtraTransportBike

Final SmashEdit

  • Provides a Slicycle if he doesn't already have one.

Chuck rides on his Slicycle around the screen, flinging around any hit enemies.

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