Blastoise is the final evolution of Squirtle, one of the three starters in the first pokemon game, Red/Blue/Green (Japan only).

Specials Edit

B - Bubble Edit

Blastoise charges up. Press B again to shoot out a bubble that travels slowly and does a little damage. If charged fully, Blastoise instead uses Water Pulse, which shoots a strong pulse of water dealing damage and having a small chance to stun the victim.

Side B - Aura Sphere Edit

Blastoise dashes forward and grabs the first enemy hit. He flings that enemy into the air and shoots out a ball of aura in that direction.


Up B - Waterfall/Dragon Pulse Edit

Blastoise shoots out a jet of water beneath him, making him jump up and launching up any enemy hit. He can then press B again mid-air to fire out a dragon pulse onto the ground, dealing damage and knocking down airborne opponents.

Down B - Protect/Rapid Spin Edit

Blastoise enters his shell, protecting him from taking damage from attacks including grabs. He still can be moved by attacks, he just does not take damage. Press B again to get out of this state and spin around, dealing damage to opponents around him.

Final Smash - Mega Blastoise Edit

Blastoise mega evolves and temporarily gains a strength boost and Super Armor. His B now automatically shoots out Water Pulse without having to charge. Water Pulse, Dragon Pulse and Aura Sphere deal severely increased damage and knockback.

Taunts Edit

Victory Edit